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WOW! I am so excited! As most people who know me know that I am never lost for words and when it comes to talking about Hits for Heroes you usually can't shut me up! So you can imagine how happy I was when our tech. expert and board member, Nick Collins, informed me that I could blog about our progress. I will try to make this one short and sweet...We need your help. Our kick-off is only 33 days away! Plans for the homerun derby and exhibition softball game for Sat. 2/13 are rolling right along. I think that will be such a fun time and hopefully we will have a good crowd for those two fun events, then the opening ceremonies will immediately follow at 3 o'clock with Shane Owens singing our National Anthem! Wallace College and Enterprise CC will begin their game at 4. Maybe it won't be too cold that day! I like to remind people when they mention how cold it usually is for our kick-off that we are more comfortable sitting out at a ballfield in the cold watching a game we love than the Heroes we are doing it for who are probably huddled up in a tent somewhere in the desert away from their loved ones! The next few weeks we will be hard at work trying to get sponsors! Sponsorships are $250, $500, and $1000. All 100% tax deductable, of course! One great thing about donating to Hits for Heroes is that you know exactly where your money is going...LOCAL wounded Veterans and care packages for deployed troops. Please help us with Sponsorship!


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