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"Hits for Heroes is a charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness of wounded service members, financially aiding service organizations, and sponsoring athletic events that accomplish these goals."


The 2024 Bojangles' Hits for Heroes will kick off Thursday, February 22nd, for the


In the past 11 years, Hits for Heroes has donated over $479,000 to local Veteran Support Programs! Every dollar of your donation goes directly to meeting our mission!

Not only does our event raise money for local military support programs, but we also include local Warriors in every baseball game played.  This gives the warriors a chance to get out on the field while allowing each team to interact with the true Heroes in our community.  Below are a few comments from Warriors who have participated in Hits for Heroes over the past 11 years.

- "Hits for Heroes is that organization every military kid wishes for but never asks for.  A way to show the world and their community that they are important in this fight too, that they are not forgotten.  That is why Hits for Heroes is important to me.  It recognizes the forgotten part of the military, the military family left behind when a Warrior goes off to war.  I don't know who appreciates the dog tag ceremony more, me or the ones I get to put the dog tags on.  I picture my son, who I left for a year of his life to go to Iraq, who knows the sacrifice and the worry back home.  I wish he could have received a dog tag to say, 'you are not forgotten.'  That little bit of recognition is why Hits for Heroes is important to me."

- "Hits for Heroes is important to me in a few different ways.  The one reason that came to mind is just being in that atmosphere of a baseball game and watching the game and talking with others.  It gives me a break from the stresses and other thoughts a Veteran might be battling.  Seeing the appreciation from the young men on a sunny day at the ballpark!"

- "Hits for Heroes brings awareness to the struggle that Veterans have due to the trauma that they incurred in combat.  The public needs to be aware of the mental struggles that lead to the loss of 22 Veterans a day to suicide."

- "I would like to say, 'Thank You' to all associated with Hits for Heroes.  The selfless dedication you all show to wounded Veterans is second to none and greatly appreciated.  The money raised from the generosity of the community is instrumental in helping men and women find their purpose in life after the service.  I know that Hits for Heroes and Jeep Sullivan's Outdoor Adventures have been huge in my recovery.  The thing I take most from my time helping Hits for Heroes are the lifelong friendships I have developed with all the individuals who made this successful.  It is a great feeling to feel appreciated for our service by the Patriotic Americans in the Wiregrass.

- "Hits for Heroes is important to me because it makes me feel honored as a part of the community.  I have a hard time with civilian life, but being involved with Hits for Heroes gives me a purpose to keep trying to do better.  Interacting with the baseball players is always amazing, they give me hope that the next generation will continue to honor future Veterans, and they show such respect because their family members are/were in the military.  I always leave the games feeling loved and appreciated which really goes a long way to help me deal with the day-to-day struggle.  Also, I am able to go on hunting trips with other Veterans because of the generous donations from Hits for Heroes, which is also a tremendous help.  Being able to be around other Veterans (at the baseball games and hunting trips) allows me to work on my problems, but also enjoy life, which is hard for me to do.  Thank you Hits for Heroes, it is truly great to be with everyone involved." 


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